Saturday, January 22, 2011

Post 24: the 4 types of unemployment

4 different ways i could become unemployed in the near future.......hopefully not.

I have become a food sorter for a zoo in California, The zoo has recently attained a sorting machine that can read the labels on the food bags and slide it to its correct pile. The zoo no longer needs me I am now structurally unemployed.

I work in the Reptile exercise yard at the Philadelphia Zoo. I am enjoying every second of it. unfortunately once the outside temperature goes below 70 degrees none of the reptiles can handle being outside. I am now seasonally unemployed.

I was working in a small hometown petting zoo with some small exotics and large common species of animals. Through my program at college I was offered an internship as a animal trainer, and caretaker at a major zoo in Florida. I had to prove that I had not had a job and had been focusing on my studies for at least a month. So, from the time I quit my job at the petting zoo to the time I was accepted to work at the zoo in Florida i was fictionally unemployed.

I am currently employed by an animal rescue down at the BP oil spill. They hired thousands of workers to help the cause. Now that the animals are all cleaned up and they only need a few workers to finish the job, they have released the excess help. I am now cyclically unemployed.

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