Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post 17: Awesome Buisness Cycle Award

 This chart is too plain. It is straight to the point, but does not have a lot of information to offer. This chart does not explain or giveexamples of whateach checkpoint of the chart means.

This graph is colorful and shows how our economy is a constant rollercoaster it just cant make up its mind. But it doesnt explain what is causing these fluctuations, so i didn't pick this one.

This chart does a very nice job at showing how outside influences change buisness. It includes was causes fluctuation, how changes are made to fix the low points, and what we the economy does a ta high point. Colorful keeps my attention. Italso makes me think about Mr. Campbell using this is his powerpoint and commenting on how he wishes he could make a graph like this. I give this Graph the Awesome award.

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