Thursday, December 2, 2010

Post 3: 5 Things I've Purchased Lately

This yoo-hoo is a part of a monopolistic competition.Yoo-hoo is a chocolate soft drink. Easy to get into the business. Very easy to start up a drink company. Many competitors.

Billy bought me taco bell for dinner last night because I drove him all over the place to get stuff for Pinto. Taco bell is close to perfect competition. There are a million choices for fats food. the decision is up to the consumer to choose taco bell over McDonald's or burger king.

This is the 2011 Camaro that i would love to buy. The automobile industry is an oligopoly because there are only 6 major firms selling automobiles. Each firm is sensitive to the other price of products.
I just bought balloons a few days ago for a friends birthday on Dec 2nd. Balloons are very close to perfect competition. They are available at many places. They are really really easy to make. There are thousands of companies that make balloons.

I bought a water bottle. There are many companies that make water bottles. A water bottle company is pretty easy to startup. Water bottles are pretty easily produced. Therefore water bottles are monopolistic competition.

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